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For those repairs, installations and maintenance

you don't have time for.

that are just too messy to do yourself.

that require a professional.


Leave your home maintenance project to the professionals and enjoy your precious leisure time as you wish. We work weekends, so you don't have to.

No matter the project, you can rely on our experienced craftsmen to provide you with quality workmanship in your home.


Your home is your most important investment, so it makes sense to keep it well maintained. Hiring a professional handyman service is a great solution to help with your To-Do List. We can handle a wide variety of tasks, and it’s more affordable than hiring individual trades.


We can prepare a property for a new tenant, whether this is just a quick spruce up or includes a lot of repairs and cleaning. We wok with landlords either on a retained contract basis or alternatively as and when required. We understand your rental properties are an investment for you and we will look how we can give you the most return for the money that needs to be spent on getting your property fit for a new tenant


By calling Total Handyman Service to do your punch lists on your construction projects, we can save you time and money by performing these small tasks whether they involve drywall, carpentry, or paint so that you can spend your time concentrating on your core business.

Our reliable craftsman can do a variety of tasks on your new construction projects or your renovation projects to supplement your existing construction crews.


We specialize in handling your estimating and completing work on inspection reports for buyers or your sellers. We concentrate in carpentry, drywall, paint and can do plumbing, HVAC, and electrical items as well.

Our qualified professionals can do the necessary handyman chores that will help you and your clients sell their home faster. Give us a call today.

Acoustic Ceiling
Acoustic Ceiling Tiles - Install
Acoustic Ceiling Tiles - Repair

Additions and Remodels
Addition to Existing Structure - Build
Basement - Remodel
Bathroom - Remodel
Kitchen - Remodel
Major Renovation - Multiple Rooms
Remodel Other

Cabinets & Countertops
Cabinet Maker/Supplier - Pre-Manufactured
Cabinets - Install
Solid Surface Countertops - Install
Solid Surface Countertops - Repair

Carpentry Framing - Install
Carpentry Framing - Repair
Closet - Build
Exterior Shutters - Install or Replace
Exterior Shutters - Repair or Restore
Gazebo or Freestanding Porch - Repair
Greenhouse - Repair
Interior Trim and Decorative Moldings - Install
Interior Trim and Decorative Moldings - Repair
Shed, Barn or Playhouse - Repair
Window Frame - Repair
Wood Stairs and Railings - Install or Replace
Wood Stairs and Railings - Repair

Closet Organizer
Closet or Garage Organizers - Install

Concrete & Masonry
Brick and Stone Patios, Walks, and Steps - Install
Brick and Stone Patios, Walks, and Steps - Repair
Brick or Stone - Tuck-pointing
Patio - Install
Patio - Repair
Poured Concrete Wall - Install
Poured Concrete Wall - Repair
Retaining Wall - Repair

Deck or Porch - Build or Replace
Deck or Porch - Repair
Deck, Fence, Patio or Porch - Clean and Seal

Disability Services
Disability Planner
Disability Ramps - Build
Disability Ramps - Repair
Disability Retrofit
Remodel to Accommodate a Disability

Doors and Windows
Custom Door - Fabricate
Custom Windows - Fabricate
Door or Window Screens - Install or Repair
Door or Window Screens - Repair
Doors (Exterior) - Install or Replace
Doors (Interior) - Install or Replace
Doors - Repair
Hardware, Latches & Tracks (Window) - Install
Hardware, Latches & Tracks (Window) - Repair or Replace
Sliding Door - Install
Sliding Door or Tracks - Repair
Storm Door - Install
Storm Door - Repair
Thermal Replacement Windows - Install
Windows (Storm) - Install or Replace
Windows (Storm) - Repair
Windows - Install or Replace Multiple Windows
Windows - Install or Replace a Single Window

Glass and Mirror
Glass - Install or Replace
Glass Shower Door or Enclosure - Install
Glass Shower Door or Enclosure - Repair
Mirrors - Install, Replace or Repair
Mirrors - Repair or Resilver
Window Tinting - Apply or Replace

Child Proofing - Install
Handyman for Multiple Small Projects
Weather stripping - Install or Replace

Heating & Air-Conditioning
Service Air Condition Units
Service Heating Units (gas and electrical)

Home Warranty/Maintenance
Home Maintenance Contract or Warranty Program
Home Warranty Program

Outdoor Play Equipment
Outbuilding Playhouse - Install
Outdoor Play Equipment - Install
Outdoor Play Equipment - Repair

Exterior Home or Structure - Paint or Stain
Exterior or Interior Surfaces - Paint Removal
Interior Home or Surfaces - Paint or Stain
Metal Roofing - Paint
Painting or Staining - Small Projects
Specialty Painting - Faux Finishes
Specialty Painting - Mural or Trompe Loeil
Specialty Painting - Textures

Plaster and Drywall
Drywall - Install
Drywall - Repair
Plaster - Install
Plaster - Repair

Install Hot Water Tanks
Install Backflow Preventers
Install and Set Plumbing Fixtures
Install and Set Toilets

Roofing and Gutters
Asphalt Shingle Roofing - Install or Replace
Asphalt Shingle Roofing - Repair
Copper Gutters - Install
Copper Gutters - Repair
Flat, Foam or Single Ply Roofing - Repair
Flat, Foam or Single Ply Roofing - Install or Replace
Galvanized Gutters - Install
Galvanized Gutters - Repair
Gutter Accessories - Install or Replace
Heating Cable for Roof - Install
Natural Slate Roofing - Repair
PVC Gutters - Install
PVC Gutters - Repair
Roof Repairs
Roof Installation
Sealant for Roof - Apply
Seamless Metal Gutters - Install
Seamless Metal Gutters - Repair
Traditional Tile Roofing - Install or Replace
Traditional Tile Roofing - Repair
Wood Gutters - Install
Wood Gutters - Repair

Exterior Trim - Install or Replace
Exterior Trim - Repair
Metal Siding - Install or Replace
Metal Siding - Repair
Vinyl Siding - Install or Replace
Vinyl Siding - Repair
Wood Shingle Siding - Install or Replace
Wood or Composite Shingle Siding - Repair
Wood or Fiber-Cement Siding - Install or Replace
Wood or Fiber-Cement Siding - Repair

Stained Glass
Stained or Specialty Glass - Install or Replace
Stained or Specialty Glass - Repair

Stone & Ceramic Tile
Ceramic and Porcelain Tile - Install
Ceramic and Porcelain Tile - Repair
Countertops Tile - Install
Countertops Tile - Repair
Glass Blocks - Install
Natural Stone Tile - Install
Natural Stone Tile - Repair
Stone Slab Countertops- Install
Stone Tile Floor Inlay - Install
Tile - repair
Tile - Install
Tile, Brick, Stone, and Grout - Clean and Maintain

Water Damage
Water Damage Repair
Water Filtration
French Drains

To Do List Get it done


Acoustic Ceiling
Additions and Remodels
Cabinets & Counter Tops
Closet Organization
Concrete and Masonry
Disability Services
Doors and Windows
Garage Doors
Garages, Enclosures
Glass and Mirror
Handyman Services
Air Conditioning
Home Warranty
Home Maintenance
Outdoor Play Equipment
Plaster and Drywall
Roofing & Gutters
Stained Glass
Stone and Ceramic Tile
Electrical Outlets and Fixtures
Home Repairs
Building Repair
Commercial Contracts
Rental Maintenance

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